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How well do you know about inooknit?

We are cute
inooknit was born on an island where all the culture & history crossed, ocean is our soft spot, mountains make us feel empower, as the part of this planet, we wanted to make a change,we use the spirit of "it's cute to care" continue to make a difference for the earth.

We are sustainable
inooknit highly reduced carbon footprint by creating a green fashion with innovative knitting technology. Not only do we create our integrally formed foot-wear with an automatic one-needle-one-thread knitting technology, but also the materials, production process, product design, and packaging are all aiming to reduce waste and pollution. Every step we take, we take it mindfully, inooknit choose to live with a conscious mind, we choose to make better decisions. 

We care about our planet 
At inooknit, we believe that every right decision makes the world different; therefore we choose green fashion and sustainable design, we choose to always figure out the WHY before making any moves. The brand name is integrated with two concepts, “innovation” and “knitting”- inooknit.

We are made with care
Traditional shoe manufacturing produces a lot of waste, in addition to wasting resources, more of the unused materials become a waste problem. Compared to the above, digital knitting technique implements technology and creativity to accurately calculate the thread count as well as reducing the marginal waste, to create the integrally formed upper. We create a unique fabric,and layer upon layer with different ideas,to unfold the beauty behind knitting.

We last forever
We create shoes with a thoughtful mind and carefully sourced materials, making them cute on the outside but with a sustainable heart, that could walk you through highs and lows.


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