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It's cute to care!

inooknit was born on an island where all the culture & history crossed, ocean is our soft spot, mountains make us feel empower, as the part of this planet, we wanted to make a change, we use sustainable materials, digital knitting, coexistence with nature, and the spirit of "it's cute to care" continue to make a difference for the earth.

The art of digital knitting

Traditional shoe manufacturing produces a lot of waste, in addition to wasting resources, more of the unused materials become a waste problem. Compared to the above, digital knitting technique implements technology and creativity to accurately calculate the thread count as well as reducing the marginal waste, to create the integrally formed upper. We create a unique fabric,and layer upon layer with different ideas,to unfold the beauty behind knitting.

Our Materials

Our Materials

Recycled Polyester Yarn

Made from more than 20% non-polluted recycled plastic bottles, our GRS(Global Recycle Standard) certified yarn requires far fewer resources than that of new fibers and generates fewer carbon dioxide emissions.

Our Materials

Snowy Yarn

Full of elasticity with a smooth cashmere touch and sweat resistance, SNOWY ensures the natural comfort for sensitive skin.

Our Materials

Collagen Bionic Yarn

The UMORFIL® proprietary technology is applied to create UMORFIL®T peptide amino acid bionic fiber with ocean collagen, its anti-static and moisturizing features simply make inooknit shoes into your second skin. 

People First

People First

Ethical Factory

We are committed to ethical manufacturing. All of inooknit shoes are made in a WRAP-GOLD certified factory that meets the most stringent quality standards - not only in terms of the products themselves, but also in how workers are treated.

Our Package

Our Package

Recycled Packaging

Not only does inooknit shoes embody the concept of minimalism, we also make sure that products are packed in a minimalist way to reduce the materials used.

All inooknit shoes will be delivered to you with 100% recycled & recyclable soy-ink-printed packaging.


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